Working Hard On The New Video

We wrote the treatment for the next single called ‘I’ll Never Stop Loving You’, which is very creative. We scouted locations which are beautiful and I love. I’ve got the cloths and mua so I’m really excited and ready. I can’t wait for everyone to see the new video. Thanks to everyone for there support it motivates us and helps us bring you the best that we can present. Talk Soon.



One thought on “Working Hard On The New Video

  1. I just replied to your posting on and had to leave a message for you. I so enjoyed your voice and regardless of whether I get an audition to play bass for your band or not, I intend to follow your career with great interest. I am a Christian as well, I gathered from your comments on your web page that you had a relationship with Jesus. Very cool, I attend Living Word Christian Center in Greene NY, been a member there for a very long time. I play percussion for the worship team there. Didn’t mention it in my response to your post, but I am a percussion and drum prodigy, taught for a while at a Bible college I attended. Anyway, I hope to audition, but if not, I will keep myself abreast of your future performances, as I am well acquainted with Jersey.
    God Bless,

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