Missing You Sunday Morning (New Video)

Eve here! 

It has been a long time since I did a video! I had to do this song for my mom, Edith. “Missing You Sunday Morning” it is on the new album which will be released this month “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” produced and directed by Joe Wize.

How did ya’ll like the video?  Share & spread the love and leave me a note in the comment field so I know you popped by! 

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XOXO Eve Soto

9 thoughts on “Missing You Sunday Morning (New Video)

  1. Hey Eve.I saw your video. I like this song..think it’s dope..very Soulfull and tasteful..CCongrats..P.s..U need to get me to do your Black-up vocals..lol..Great Song!

  2. That’s beautiful Eve…. Looking forward to hearing more. I can still remember the songs you wrote and recorded at the studio in Asbury Park. I would love to hear them again. You my dear are amazing!

  3. Kie!! You’re such a sweetheart thank you for the feedback I’m excited that you like it and I was able to get this message out don’t hesitate to share I appreciate you so much

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